About Us

Cannabis ProGrower.com was established with the commercial grower in mind.

Due to the growth in this market, the demand for marijuana increases as more states legalize it use, many more people will be starting their own grow farms. One of Cannabis ProGrower’s purposes it to help educate and inform those growers- newbie as well as the old pro.

There are a number of grow houses, especially the larger operations, that employ people with either a formal education in agriculture or years of experience in growing crops. However, the record indicates that many of the people that own grow houses have very little experience in growing anything.

Our hope is that those who do decide to grow cannabis will approach it from the point of view of a nursery grower – professional techniques for maximum results and greater yield. Make sure the seeds are planted at the proper depth. Irrigate the plants with water conservation in mind. New techniques and new technology will help accomplish these goals with a minimum amount of water.

Our founder is no stranger to growing plant material. He has published hard copy magazines and websites since 1995 in the professional landscape market. They have published many articles over the years about growing trees, shrubs, and other plant material and how to treat them if they become infected.

Drip irrigation, micro and macro irrigation have come a long way in the past few years. Filtering the water and fertilizing through the watering system is a recent technique you might want to add to your toolbox. You can also apply insecticides and fungicides in the same manner.

Growing cannabis hydroponically is another way to go. Also, if you’re growing indoors, new lighting systems can give you better quality results. There are so many methods and techniques available at your fingertips, not to mention new equipment that is now on the market.

We’re here to help. Cannabis ProGrower is your website for all this information and more. We feel very strongly that cannabis is not only for social use; it makes and will continue to make a major contribution in helping those with medical problems, large and small.

We intend to point out opportunities to you, and grow and change along with the market. Although you’re in business to make a profit, by growing quality cannabis, keeping it weed-free and insect- and disease-free, you are making a major contribution to upgrade the plant material you serve to this burgeoning market.

And just to stay up with the time, we’ll also have some newsy items, as they pop up.  Most importantly, we will write it in an easy to read and understand form.