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California, Nevada to See Influx of Cannabis-Infused Beer

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Two Roots Brewing Co. has announced a new kind of artisan brew: “CannaCrafted” beer, a THC-infused beer coming to Nevada in July and, later, California.

Cannabiniers, the parent company of Two Roots, claims that their new product can be seen as a healthy alternative to beer. Because it’s non-alcoholic, it’s filled with the electrolytes and carbohydrates we’ve come to expect from alcoholic drinks without the harmful side effects, such as hangovers or damage to the liver, brain, and nervous system.

The company hopes that their new CannaCrafted beers will give individuals who are still wary of consuming cannabis-infused products a more familiar way to test the waters.

This might be why their unquestionably novel beers retain a hint of familiarity—each has been carefully crafted to emulate the onset and dissipation of beer from the body. So, consumers will feel the effects of the THC around the same time that they would have felt the effects of alcohol. Two Roots also based its products on well-known types of beers, including lagers, IPAs, blonde ales, and stouts.

Perhaps this familiarity will encourage hesitant consumers to try CannaCrafted beers in place of their typical alcoholic social drinks. The beers seem tailor-fit for social drinking, after all. Since they contain only 2.5 milligrams of THC per bottle, consumers will be able to have multiple drinks in one sitting, and, much like alcohol, the effects will be noticeable within five to ten minutes.

Right now, Two Roots Brewing Co. has five types of CannaCrafted beer on the market: “Enough Said” is a pale German lager; “RCG” is a stout with notes of caramel, toffee, chocolate, and coffee; “Road Scholar” is a light malt IPA with a hint of fruit; “Sonder” is a Kölsch-style blonde ale; and “Tropical Infamy” is a tropical-style beer with American aroma hops.

These innovative beers come one year after Cannabiniers released the world’s first cannabis-infused coffee and tea—available in Keurig “K-cup” brew pods—under the name BrewBudz. Unlike most K-cups, BrewBudz pods are completely compostable since they’re made from recycled coffee beans. They also sell THC-infused tea bags under the name BrewBlendz. And, in the same vein as their CannaCrafted beers, Cannabiniers is also looking to roll out a new line of beverages they’re calling “Just Society,” a line of coffee and teas in a pre-brewed beverage.

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