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California OK’s Weed Deliveries

cannabis delivery

A new provision was added in January 2019, to California’s marijuana regulations that will allow for marijuana deliveries all over the state – even in towns and neighborhoods where retail marijuana sales have been banned.

Critics of the measure – including law enforcement officials – argue that it will make it easier for unregulated black-market transactions to take place, which will, in turn, hurt the state’s interest in legal recreational and medicinal sales.

The change was championed by consumers and marijuana businesses due to the large number of communities in the state which are not being served either due to regulations banning sales in those communities, or the lack of infrastructure to support cannabis businesses. Residents in those areas can now order from retailers outside of the municipal limitations of their own communities and have their bud delivered right to their door.

In a statement, cannabis bureau spokesman Alex Traverso said: “The public spoke loud and clear in favor of statewide delivery.” Still, the measure – which essentially just cleared up some confusion in the legal language over whether or not deliveries should be allowed – is opposed by the League of California Cities. Arguing that the measure destroys the notion of local control, they and other opposition groups are likely to continue to fight the measure in court or legislative sessions.

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