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Canadian Cannabis is 50% More Expensive in the Store Than on the Street

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According to Statistics Canada, one legal gram of Canadian cannabis runs approximately 50 percent higher than illegal marijuana. The data compiled by StatsCannabis, a crowdsourcing application, between the middle of October 2018 and the end of December 2018.

The current price for a single gram of legal medical or recreational cannabis was reported as $9.70 during this period, while one gram of street-level bud on the black market rang in at an average of just $6.51.

Approximately 50 percent of those who participated in the analysis claimed that they bought cannabis from government-operated stores, websites, or otherwise legal sources. These respondents accounted for nearly 400 price quotes for the study.

However, regardless of the numbers, StatsCAnnabis said that this crowdsourced data should be interpreted with caution, as the analysis is subject to probable bias due to the sample being self-selected as well as the number of responses is limited.

That said, based on roughly 19,500 submissions from Canadians cannabis consumers to the StatsCannabis crowdsourcing application, the price per gram before the Oct-Dec analysis was reported to be $6.83. Which means that post-legalization of last year’s fourth quarter raised the price of legal cannabis in Canada by roughly 17.5 percent, as it is now slightly over $8.02 per gram.

Canada is the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis, for those who are unaware. Furthermore, the government has made the statement that their move to legalize cannabis all across the board is to eliminate the countries black market. The demand for legal weed in Canada was so evident that people lined the streets on legalization day in support. Indeed, the response was so strong it left the country in a major shortage.

Many respondents to the StatsCannabis survey also admitted to buying over 17 grams from the black market, in comparison to slightly over 8 grams from legal stores. In other words, after legalization, more Canadians are buying from illegal sources. More or less, in the fourth quarter, the amount of weed bought on the black market doubled in just three months. On average, the respondents claimed to buy around 5 grams legally and 9 grams illegally.

Even more interesting, the statistics on Canadian cannabis purchasing indicated that there is a difference between men and women in their purchases, with males purchasing larger amounts from both legal and illegal sources. Also, an interesting fact is that women in Canada who use cannabis are more likely to buy from an illegal source. 41.6 percent of women claimed to buy their cannabis from legal sources, while nearly 50 percent of men claimed the same.

Slightly over 50 percent of first-time Canadian buyers who participated in the survey indicated that for their first cannabis purchase was legal. Also, overall, roughly 75 percent of these first-time buyers claimed that they’ve started buying cannabis simply because it is legal to do so now.

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