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Cannabis Bills in 2019 You May Not Have Heard About

federal and state marijuana laws

So far this year over 50 bills to legalize cannabis have been introduced across the country in state legislatures. While many of these bills are indeed centered around the legalization of cannabis, many more bills have little to do with the actual legalization.

These bills, though not as exciting as outright legalization legislation, are equally as important to lawmakers and cannabis users alike. Here are just a few of the more interesting cannabis bills that have been introduced in 2019:

In Colorado, a new bill proposes repealing provisions that would require large companies to perform background checks on all initial investors as well as allowing companies which obtain cannabis licenses to be publicly traded.

Legislation in Connecticut is attempting to protect veterinarians from legal repercussions for discussing cannabis-based therapy for pets. Also, Connecticut lawmakers have introduced a bill which would allow employers to terminate as well as decline to employ individuals who’ve tested positive for using cannabis.

In Hawaii, a new piece of legislation, if passed, would require insurers to cover hemp-based CBD oil. Also, another bill would allow medical patients to legally transport their medical cannabis from island to island without facing punishment.

Maine legislation is pushing for a new open container law for cannabis which would be similar to current alcohol open container laws. Meaning, it would become illegal to have an open container of cannabis in the vehicle. Rather, the cannabis would need to be secured in the trunk, an unoccupied upright seat, or locked safety box.

In Maryland, a new bill would allow patients of medical cannabis to legally own, possess, and carry firearms. Currently, Maryland cannabis patients must submit a federal application which may be declined as it is federally prohibited for cannabis consumers to purchase firearms. Colorado and Oklahoma are considering the same type of legislation.

Missouri lawmakers have introduced another bill which would allow cannabis users to enroll in a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program which is currently not allowed.

New Mexico legislators are pushing for the allowance of the government to enter into legal agreements with sovereign Native American nations and tribes located within the states dealing with the provisions of medical cannabis.

New York legislation this year aims to require insurers to begin covering medical cannabis along with other regularized prescription drugs.

In Oregon, a new bill would see the governor having the authority to enter into agreements with other states to coordinate and enforcing cannabis-related businesses within the jurisdictions of both states. Also, lawmakers are pushing to block transplant centers from having the ability to deny organ donations from cannabis users who test positive for cannabis metabolites.

Texas has introduced a bill that would see the word “marijuana” replaced in state laws with the word “cannabis.” Licensed marijuana businesses would also be allowed to provide cannabis products to adults 21 years of age and older.

In Washington licensed marijuana businesses would also be allowed to provide cannabis products to adults 21 years of age and older.

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