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Cannabis Classes Being Offered Some Universities

cannabis college courses

Some schools and universities have begun to offer classes on cannabis, many of these classes are available online.

Some of the schools offering courses are: The University of Washington, University of Vermont, UC Davis has a Physiology of Cannabis, UCLS is setting up a research center, The Ohio State University’s law school if offering a Policy & Reform Seminar in Marijuana Law. Northern Michigan University offers a four-year course with a BS degree. Some other schools offering classes include the University of Denver and Vanderbilt University.

With more states legalizing the use of marijuana the time is coming when these states will require licensing of various sorts. You will need a license to sell the product at the retail level, you will need a license for testing the plant material that is grown to ensure it is disease free, and finally, you will need a license for growing cannabis.

As the industry grows by leaps and bound, the demand for schooled personnel will also grow.

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