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    Why Delegating is So Darn Hard… and How to Fix It

    by Tom Borg Arnie is a good manager. He treats his employees well. He communicates clearly to them and is always willing to listen when they come to him with a problem. He encourages them to take training and self-development classes and grow their skill sets. He discourages them from working more than eight hours […]


      Cannabis Lounges May be on the Horizon for San Diego

      San Diego is now considering the possibility of allowing businesses to open cannabis lounges. Customers would be allowed to eat, drink, and smoke on site. The city plans to look to San Francisco and other cities where this is already happening. San Francisco is among the first to allow on-site smoking permits to businesses. San […]


        Cannabis Leads US Job Market in Growth

        Despite popular belief, tech is not the fastest-growing industry in the United States, cannabis is. In 2018, nearly 65,000 jobs have sprung up in the growing cannabis industry. It is a 44 percent increase from the previous year, according to Whitney Economics and Leafy. Last year, according to the same report, cannabis sales bumped up […]


          Building Your Company’s Esprit de Corps

          by Judy Guido March is a very meaningful time period in our industry, even for those companies that don’t experience a harsh winter. March begins what many folks in our industry refer to as the kick-off of the season. So, what can you do to ensure that your company is executing smoothly and efficiently all […]


            Weed it and Reap

            by Judy Guido Change is inevitable—always has been, always will be. Successful companies don’t use change as an excuse for missing goals; rather, they see it as an opportunity to figure out creative ways to leverage it and use it to their advantage. So, this year, why not start out by encouraging and rewarding your […]


              Medical Marijuana Insurance: Do They Affect Your Worker’s Comp Policies?

              by Jodi Mathy Laws about marijuana (medical and recreational) are different from state to state, making questions about how medical marijuana applies to work comp even more confusing for employers. Business owners need to stay compliant while managing this emerging risk. After a ruling by the New Mexico Court of Appeals regarding coverage of medical […]


                Cannabis Businesses Could Have Access to Banks in 2019

                Common sense tells us it’s going to be quite the challenge to get new cannabis banking legislation passed in 2019 for most States, regardless of how profitable it is. However, there’s still hope that the cannabis industry could actually see some sort of real fix on the marijuana banking in 2019. How is that so? […]


                  Why California’s Cannabis Industry Struggled in 2018

                  California’s cannabis businesses have had to put up with a lot of confusion this year. Due to the state’s cumbersome laws and regulations, cannabis business owners interested in obtaining a license have had to go through a pretty difficult system. This has been a rather unfortunate side effect of legal and nonlegal issues that the […]


                    Do You Have the Right Bus Driver for Your Grow Business?

                    by Tom Borg When it comes to running a company, there has been a lot said about making sure you have the “right people” on the “bus”. Let’s take that thought process a couple of steps further and look at an example outside of the cannabis industry. The president and owner of an automotive supplier […]

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