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    Extraction May be a Grower’s Market

    A partnership between the Lagunitas Brewing Company and CannaCraft Inc., is showing the potential for cannabis products beyond their typical recreational uses. Generally speaking, recreational consumers buy cannabis products to get high, but the new beer which the companies’ partnership has produced does not contain any THC. Instead, Lagunitas’ SuperCritical Ale is brewed with terpenes […]


      Is Agribusiness Already Here?

      The January 1st deadline for legal recreational sales in California is fast approaching, and in the fertile Salinas Valley, cannabis growers are joining in the ‘green rush.’ Monterey County, where the valley lies, has received 73 permit applications so far, and 40 of them are already operational. Companies large and small are readying themselves for […]


        Building Industry Trust

        Consumer confidence is arguably the most valuable asset of America’s growing cannabis industry. The public extends a certain amount of goodwill to us as small business owners and farmers. They trust that the medicine we grow has some effect, even without approval from the FDA or a wealth of medical research. They trust that we […]


          Trying to Get a License in Portland, Oregon

          Cannabis business owners in Portland, Oregon, have a tough row to hoe. Not only do they have to deal with the overall issues of the state’s pesticide testing backlog, but they have to deal with the difficulty and cost of getting a license in Portland. A recent report on the state of cannabis businesses in […]

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