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    Growing Cannabis Outdoors

    by Denne Goldstein As more states legalize the use of marijuana, this might be a good time to consider growing cannabis. If you want to grow cannabis, you have a choice of whether you want an indoor grow or you choose to grow plants outdoors. Before we go further, I would like to say that […]


      What You Should Know About Terpenes

      Terpenes are normally associated with the flavor and fragrance of cannabis strains. That, however, is not the whole story. These diverse compounds have a far greater range of purpose, in regards to cannabis, than simply taste and smell. Here is what we do know about what makes terpenes so critical to cannabis, starting with the […]


        High-Intensity White Lights May Be Best For Cannabis Yields

        Growing common cannabis is being challenged by a new study conducted by Greenseal Cannabis Company. The researchers grew hundreds of cannabis plants, all under the same circumstances other than, of course, the type of lighting they were exposed to. According to the study, broad-spectrum, high-intensity white lights may go further in maximizing cannabis yields than […]


          The Cannabis Plant

          Maybe you’ve heard of ‘terpenes’ and the ‘entourage effect’, or maybe you just know there’s a lot of different strains out there, and want to learn a little more about the cannabis plant. Let’s talk a little bit about what cannabis is and go over some of the terminology you may or may not have […]


            Proper Propagation Paradigm

            Having chosen our strain, and set up a stellar grow room, it’s now time to look at the mechanics of growing. The two techniques we’ll focus on here are growing with clones and growing with seeds. If you are looking to replicate a known strain, then clones are a surefire way to go. If, however, […]


              Guide to Cloning Cannabis

              Don’t let the word “cloning” (with all of the sci-fi themes it brings to mind) intimidate you. It’s actually quite simple. See, every cell in a cannabis plant contains all of the genetic information needed to grow the plant anew. This means you can take snipping of one plant and use them regrow a clone […]


                Getting the Grow Space Right

                Starting out with an indoor grow is key if you want to be able to craft truly unique strains. Growing indoors with a good hydroponic setup will allow you to control all of the important variables for perfecting your strain. From lighting and nutrients to water and ventilation, humidity and temperature. Essentially, growing indoors allows […]


                  What You Need to Know About Nutrients for Growing Cannabis

                  With more and more states legalizing cannabis use, interest surrounding proper growing methods has certainly increased and expanded. In order to grow quality plants, many growers add nutrients to their cannabis crops. However, they could be doing more harm than good. Between the wide variety of nutrients available and the vast plethora of information about […]

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