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    Wisconsin AG Schimel Walks Back DOJ Hemp Oil Statement

    In April, the Justice Department of Madison, Wisconsin released a statement that only pharmacies and doctors will be allowed to distribute CBD oil, an oil derived from the hemp plant that is used to treat anxiety, pain, and even seizures. Additionally, patients would only be allowed access to the CBD oil and possession of it […]


      Legal Cannabis in the US Within Four Years? Representative Earl Blumenauer Thinks So

      The Democratic Representative from Oregon made an exciting prediction at Cultivation Classic last week. “If we do our job,” he said in reference to the battle to legalize marijuana, “it’s game over in two years.” Blumenauer has been an avid supporter for the legalization of marijuana for quite a while. He stated that the upcoming […]


        Cannabis Industry Groups Called Out by the IRS

        A new policy from the Internal Revenue Service has turned heads in the cannabis industry, as it seems particularly targeted, to single out cannabis industry groups. The policy shift snuck in as part of a nearly 300 page tax update that occurred in January. It denies cannabis advocacy groups non-profit status, and could be a […]


          Protecting Cannabis Use

          Pop quiz, what state offers the greatest protections for employees looking to use cannabis in their off-time? Well if you don’t know this one, it’s for good reason, because the correct answer only recently changed to Maine. There, since the state’s legalization law went into effect, is now illegal to fire or punish an employee […]


            Policing Marijuana DUIs and the Trouble it Poses to Law Enforcement

            The legalization of recreational marijuana in California has spurred law enforcement agencies throughout the state to start implementing tougher DUI laws. The lay of the land is that if someone smokes marijuana and get behind the wheel, he or she will be arrested, and the same drunk driving laws will apply to his or her […]


              The Fight for Market Access

              The cannabis market in California has continued to evolve in the past few months, as the state tries to switch away from its gray market roots and into a fully above-board system. Due to regulatory hurdles and serious concern on the part of local governments across the state, few cannabusinesses have met all the requirements […]


                Recreational Marijuana Sales are High in Nevada but not High Enough for Investors

                Industry research suggests that the legal cannabis industry will grow exponentially in the US. The Marijuana Business Factbook 2017 estimates a 45% rise in marijuana sales in 2018 and about 300% aggregate increase between 2016 and 2021. It also forecasts $17 billion in legal cannabis sales by 2021. The report is by Marijuana Business Daily. […]

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