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    Protecting Cannabis Use

    Pop quiz, what state offers the greatest protections for employees looking to use cannabis in their off-time? Well if you don’t know this one, it’s for good reason, because the correct answer only recently changed to Maine. There, since the state’s legalization law went into effect, is now illegal to fire or punish an employee […]


      Policing Marijuana DUIs and the Trouble it Poses to Law Enforcement

      The legalization of recreational marijuana in California has spurred law enforcement agencies throughout the state to start implementing tougher DUI laws. The lay of the land is that if someone smokes marijuana and get behind the wheel, he or she will be arrested, and the same drunk driving laws will apply to his or her […]


        The Fight for Market Access

        The cannabis market in California has continued to evolve in the past few months, as the state tries to switch away from its gray market roots and into a fully above-board system. Due to regulatory hurdles and serious concern on the part of local governments across the state, few cannabusinesses have met all the requirements […]


          Recreational Marijuana Sales are High in Nevada but not High Enough for Investors

          Industry research suggests that the legal cannabis industry will grow exponentially in the US. The Marijuana Business Factbook 2017 estimates a 45% rise in marijuana sales in 2018 and about 300% aggregate increase between 2016 and 2021. It also forecasts $17 billion in legal cannabis sales by 2021. The report is by Marijuana Business Daily. […]


            When the State Wants Cannabis but the City Doesn’t

            It should come as no surprise that even in states where cannabis has been fully legalized, there are local governments who oppose the notion. After all, the prohibition era ended in 1933, but there are still more than 200 ‘dry’ counties in the U.S. that do as much as their state will allow to prohibit […]


              The Big Cannabis Case

              A major legal precedent for cannabis advocates may currently be in the works in New York City. It’s all thanks to a five-plaintiff lawsuit against the Department of Justice (DOJ), claiming that the nation’s top law enforcement agency has violated their constitutional rights. The arguments aren’t new, but they are complex, and they’re already gaining […]


                A Shot Across the Bow for Recreational Use

                An announcement from White House press secretary Sean Spicer has cannabis industry advocates concerned for the future of recreational use. In a recent press conference, Spicer said that, in regards to federal laws against recreational cannabis use, “I do believe you’ll see greater enforcement.” His comment appear particularly troublesome in the wake of attorney general […]


                  Vermont Legalizes Cannabis

                  The State Senate of Vermont recently passed a bill legalizing recreational cannabis use in the state, and Governor Phil Scott signed the bill into law, marking a national first. All other states which have legalized recreational cannabis have done so via voter referendum, where the lawmakers have been forced to enact legalization passed by the […]


                    The Fight for Legal Representation

                    The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals may be about to correct a misstep in the state’s medical marijuana laws, but it all depends on the comments the court receives from the public. The court is considering an amendment to the state’s Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys, that would allow them to advise medical […]

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