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    Extracts From Cannabis Labeled Schedule One Substance

    A decision from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will be resulting in tighter regulations for cannabis extracts next year. The DEA recently amended the Controlled Substances Act to classify marijuana extracts, including cannabidiol (CBD) as Schedule 1 substances. Cannabis’ current scheduling is the source of a number of federal headaches for cannabis growers, and on […]


      The Election of 2016

      Election night brought some big changes to the legal marijuana map of the United States. In California, Massachusetts, and Nevada, it is now legal for adults to use marijuana recreationally. That said, it will be some time before the commercial and regulatory framework is in place for recreational use in those states. Maine may join […]


        Better Homes and Growers

        Colorado Springs recently announced rules governing indoor grow operations for residences. Their ruling is the result of months of collaboration by the city police department, city fire department, and in-home growers. Although the new rules apply to all indoor flowering plants, they are clearly written with marijuana in mind. Only 150 square feet of a […]


          Legal Permission: Yes, Legal Supply: Not Yet

          This is the strange but true state of events in Ohio, when it comes to medical treatment with cannabis. The state voted to legalize medical marijuana, but there currently aren’t any dispensaries, testing labs, processors or growers within the state, because of its previous prohibition status. All there is currently, is a two year deadline […]


            Buy Weed Yes, Buy Guns, No

            An appeals court ruled recently that a federal ban on selling guns to holders of medical marijuana cards is not a violation of citizens’ second amendment rights. The ruling, by the 9th Circuit Court of appeals, applies to nine western states, and came after a Nevada woman, S. Rowan Wilson, attempted to purchase a firearm […]


              More States to Vote to Legalize MJ

              Paul Armentano is the deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and according to him, there’s an unprecedented number of states with marijuana initiatives on their ballots this November. “I think that speaks to both the public support of the issue and the maturation of the campaigns behind reforming marijuana […]


                Legal Barriers for Growers

                The New Mexico State Bar Association recently announced that attorneys within the state could be violating state rules of professional conduct if they represent medical marijuana cultivators or dispensaries. The opinion is not binding, it doesn’t outright bar lawyers from doing so, but it could make lawyers in New Mexico think twice about helping marijuana […]


                  Marijuana Remains Schedule 1

                  The hopes of many were dashed recently when the DEA announced that it would not be initiating proceedings to reschedule marijuana as a schedule 2 drug. Rescheduling would have loosened decades of restrictions that surround schedule 1 drugs as they are deemed the most addictive drugs with no accepted medicinal uses. The application to reschedule […]


                    Case Threatens Consultants

                    Felony charges are being brought against a pair of consultants who helped a Native American tribe grow marijuana in South Dakota by the state’s attorney general, and the case could have national implications. Chris Lindsey, Montana-based lawyer with the Marijuana Policy Project called the development “a game changer” and “a troubling development.” Lindsey says it’s […]

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