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    Where You Can – And Can’t – Get a Dispensary License in Canada

    As most already know, Canada became the second country in the world that has recreational marijuana-usage legalized. Currently, the country’s demand for dispensaries is high, leaving a void that entrepreneurs interested in the cannabis industry could easily fill. If you’ve considered launching a dispensary in Canada, it’d be a good idea to strike now while […]


      California Governor Jerry Brown Bans CBD Infused Alcohol Throughout State

      For years, California restaurants, cafes, and bars have been mixing CBD into their alcoholic drinks. It’s often offered as a health supplement or a novelty item, for those willing to pay a bit more. But a recently signed bill has now made it illegal for businesses to infuse alcoholic beverages with CBD. This is the […]


        The Impact of Legal Cannabis in Canada

        Few people were surprised when Canada announced that marijuana prohibition in the country would end October 17, 2018. After all, Canada does have one of the highest rates of marijuana use in the world. In 2017 alone, Canadian citizens spent around C$5.7 billion ($4.6 billion) on medical and recreational cannabis combined, roughly $1,200 per user, […]


          Civil Forfeitures Expected to Increase in Canada Following Cannabis Legalization

          Defense lawyers warn Canadian citizens that police may increase their use of civil forfeiture to crack down those breaking the new marijuana laws. Civil forfeiture is the process in which police can seize property without having to charge the person with a crime. Civil forfeiture of houses, money, vehicles, or any other property suspected of […]


            CSA Says Canadian Cannabis Companies Not Meeting Disclosure Requirements

            According to Canadian regulators, marijuana companies are failing to provide even the most basic financial information to shareholders, including most everything from production cost to fair value assessments. The Canadian Securities Administrators concluded in a statement made Wednesday that every one of the 70 companies they reviewed failed to meet the disclosure requirements. They often […]


              Backlog of Cannabis Applications Slowing Licensing Process In California

              California is currently in the process of creating a second stop-gap licensing program for the marijuana industry to prevent any disruptions from occurring in the newly legalized market. Since the launch of the state’s recreational market on January 1, they only issued marijuana businesses temporary permits, so long as they had community approval where the […]


                Utah’s Proposition 2 May Undergo Some Significant Changes

                Utah’s Proposition 2, which aims to legalize medicinal uses of marijuana, is a subject of extreme controversy. While some citizens believe that the legalization of medical marijuana will greatly benefit the state, others see it as damaging and undesirable. But recently, both sides have been moving toward an agreement regarding what a medical marijuana policy […]


                  California’s New Cannabis Bills

                  California Governor Jerry Brown signed three progressive cannabis bills last week. The first was the Cannabis Equity Act, which addressed the disproportionate harm that the war on drugs caused minorities. It states that many people of color in lower-income areas were inordinately criminalized for nonviolent cannabis offenses, leaving many of their lives in shambles. In […]


                    Uruguay Moving Forward with Cannabis Legalization Cautiously

                    Back in 2013, Uruguay became the first country to legalize cannabis nationwide. Their top priority, however, was to do it right, which means moving slowly and having a lot of regulations. The director for drug policy and the Andes at the Washington Office on Latin America, John Walsh said: “They’re very aware that they’re the […]

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