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    The Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair

    When Donald Morse, executive director of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council and grower, decided to open up the state’s first grower’s fair, it was in part to normalize the plant. “The fair isn’t trying to tempt people to use marijuana,” he said, “It is trying to educate. Cannabis is Oregon’s newest farm crop.” The fair […]


      More Americans use Marijuana

      A recent Gallup poll of 1,000 randomly chosen adults found that more Americans are smoking marijuana than ever. The survey which assures participants of their confidentiality, found that 13 percent of adults smoke marijuana. That’s a little over 1/8th of the population, and nearly twice as many as the same survey found 3 years ago. […]


        Cannabis ProGrower1

        Cannabis was established with the commercial grower in mind. Due to the growth in this market, many more people will be starting their own grow farms. One of Cannabis ProGrower’s purposes is to help educate and inform those growers—newbie as well as old pro. Our hope is that those who do decide to grow […]


          Any Way You Want It

          As states allow the recreational use of marijuana, the method of that use is expanding. Plenty of consumers would rather not smoke to get high, and the market is searching for a solution that lets consumers try marijuana without having to light up. For many the answer is edibles, food infused with marijuana, but the […]

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