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    Chair of Senate Banking Committee Open to Cannabis Banking Reform

    Recently, a bill designed to break through the prohibition on cannabis banking is being blocked by the Senate banking committee. However, the committee chair said he’s now ready and open to discuss the issue. Slightly over a week after a long-delayed cannabis banking hearing, Mike Crapo, Senator of Idaho, seems to have come around to […]


      California Cracking Down on Black Market Cannabis Stores

      California, the first state in the US to pass laws allowing medical marijuana (back in 1996), has recently passed laws for the legalization of recreational marijuana. That said, the state is bursting at the seams with illegal and unlicensed cannabis retailers operating outside of the laws. This past May, CMA, the California Minority Alliance, a […]


        FBI Investigating Cannabis Industry Corruption

        The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is requesting leads on corruption within the marijuana industry. In a statement Public Affairs expert Mollie Halpern said that the State needs licenses in place to produce or sell Marijuana meaning that public officials may become embroiled in bribery while producers seek licenses. During the FBI podcast Halpern stated […]


          Ads for Unlicensed Cannabis Retailers Removed from Weedmaps After Cease & Desist

          Advertising mogul Weedmaps announced that it will now need state license numbers for all listings on their site selling marijuana products. This implies it will no longer post ads for unlicensed cannabis shops and third-party delivery companies. This could mean a sharp increase in sales for legal sellers who have been battling against illegal unlicensed […]


            Record High Cannabis Sales in Canada Despite Slow Start

            Cannabis sales in the adult usage market in Canada have hit record highs in June after a lackluster start to the first year of the industry being legalized. According to Statistics Canada, sales from the legal adult-use sectors in the Canadian market have exceeded 85 million Canadian dollars in June, a massive set up from […]


              Medical Marijuana is Being Legalized in Asia

              Asian forerunner – Thailand – legalized the use of medical cannabis in February 2019, opening the door for many other Asian countries to follow suit in decriminalizing the plant. This has, of course, had investors prick up their ears in anticipation of the possible investment opportunities on the continent. Historically, Asian countries have enforced excessively […]


                US Growing Record Amount of Marijuana; Application Approvals Still Sluggish

                While the biggest marijuana research crop to be grown in the U.S. in five years is well in bloom, the government has yet to offer any clarity on the applications put forward on the benefits of cannabis. This research could prove to be critical in the expansion of opportunities within the industry and the information […]


                  Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Introduces Cannabis Reform Bill

                  On July 23rd, 2019 legislation was filed to decriminalize marijuana across by Jerrold Nadler and Kamala Harris, who are U.S House Judiciary chair and a presidential candidate, respectively. The bill would open the doors for various legitimate marijuana producers if it came into play. Much like the governmental legislation of hemp, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment […]


                    Code Violations Cost California Cultivator’s Permit

                    On the Central Coast of California, a large cannabis cultivation op finds itself on the verge of disaster as county supervisors recently decided to revoke their business permit. The situation, as unfortunate as it is for the company, goes a long way in making an example of how cannabis businesses in the state must show […]

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