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    Code Violations Cost California Cultivator’s Permit

    On the Central Coast of California, a large cannabis cultivation op finds itself on the verge of disaster as county supervisors recently decided to revoke their business permit. The situation, as unfortunate as it is for the company, goes a long way in making an example of how cannabis businesses in the state must show […]


      New Tech Helps Dismiss Over 8,000 Cannabis Convictions

      If you were convicted of a marijuana-related offense dating clear back to 1975 in San Francisco, chances are, that conviction was dismissed last week with the help of a new computer algorithm. Last Monday, San Francisco’s District Attorney’s office announced that over 8,000 convictions identified by a computer algorithm that automatically scanned court records would […]


        Massachusetts Lawmakers Look to Change State’s Cannabis Law

        Legislators in Massachusetts are preparing for significant changes in the state’s voter-approved cannabis law as the retail industry grows. Dozens of new proposals to restrict, or expand, the use and sale of retail cannabis are being filed ahead of the two-year legislative session that began last month. One of the primary focuses of Beacon Hill […]


          Revenue from Cannabis Tax in California Falls Short of Projections

          In 2018, the first year of regulated sales, California took in more than $345 million in tax revenue from the sale of legal cannabis. That’s almost two thirds less than the $1 billion in annual revenue projected by analysts. They predicted that California, once the state’s regulated cannabis industry was in full gear, would generate […]


            Cannabis Bills in 2019 You May Not Have Heard About

            So far this year over 50 bills to legalize cannabis have been introduced across the country in state legislatures. While many of these bills are indeed centered around the legalization of cannabis, many more bills have little to do with the actual legalization. These bills, though not as exciting as outright legalization legislation, are equally […]


              Israeli Startup Ships to California-Based Companies

              Seedo, a 2013 startup out of Haifa, Israel has officially delivered their first batch of cannabis product to California-based customers. They are also planning on expanding into the African market as well. In support of their expansion, the company has recruited a former U.S. Assistant Secretary, of State for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer. Frazer is […]


                Alcohol, Tobacco Companies Could Lose $55 Billion Per Year to Legal Cannabis

                Altacorp Capital, a Toronto investment bank, recently released a report forecasting an annual Canadian cannabis market of slightly more than 10 billion Canadian dollars by 2025 between recreational and medical marijuana. However, the report also indicated potential losses of up to $55 billion for the world’s major alcohol and tobacco companies. And apparently, those at […]


                  Seniors Now the Fastest-Growing Group of Cannabis Consumers

                  Believe it or not, the older generation is the quickest growing group of marijuana consumers. As the long-lasting stigma against pot slowly fades away, the older crowd is coming to accept cannabis as a real alternative to the piles of prescription medicines many of them have been relying on. And why not? Once retired, many […]


                    Patients Prefer Medical Marijuana Over Pharmaceutical Drugs

                    In a recent survey published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs this January, researchers revealed the results of a study they performed on approximately 400 people. The participants of the survey were asked about their cannabis use as well as their general feelings about the United States health-care system. The vast majority of participants were […]

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