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    Regional Marijuana

    No one knows for certain what future legalization efforts could bring for cannabis growers. Although a federal rescheduling or acceptance of state-legalized grows would ease restrictions, and make it easier for existing marijuana farmers to access important financial tools and potentially cross state lines, it would simultaneously open the field to larger interests. Many are […]


      Cannabis Investments

      Roger Jenkins is known in banking circles for having played a key role in how Barclays Bank avoided needing a bailout in the 2008 financial crisis. He brokered a $15.5 billion cash infusion from Middle Eastern investors that helped keep the bank afloat. Now, he’s investing in marijuana. Jenkins is one of the backers in […]


        New Frontier of Cannabis Science

        Because of marijuana’s schedule 1 legal status, there are any number of marijuana-related patents that cannot be filed, and intellectual properties that are at risk as a result. This has slowed marijuana research as well, as there’s no guarantee of recouping research and development costs. However, a cigarette manufacturer in Clarence, New York, recently launched […]


          Not for Kids

          A study just published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that adolescent boys who regularly use marijuana are subject to a host of negative psychological effects that persist even after they stop using. “Perhaps the most concerning finding is that the effect of prior weekly marijuana use persists even after adolescents have stopped using […]


            Growers Need Public Support

            In Pueblo County, Colorado, anyone looking to cultivate marijuana will face an extra hurdle, thanks to zoning laws and the county commissioners. Pueblo’s two largest agricultural zones have a number of homeowners associations (HOAs) and property owner’s associations (POAs) within them, and now those organizations will have a voice in allowing or denying new grow […]


              Breaking New Ground

              Laguna Beach might just become the only city in southern Orange County, California, with a dispensary, thanks to pressure from a citizen-sponsored voter initiative. The city already draws 6 million visitors each year, and city councilors are worried that having the only dispensary around would draw even more. The ballot measure proposes allowing two medical […]

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