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Coppola is Bringing His Magic to the Cannabis Market

niebaum coppola stained glass window

After working for 50 years making movies, Oscar-winning director Francis Ford Coppola has developed quite a following. Follow that up with over 40 years of winemaking success, and Coppola is a marketing genius. Now Coppola is going into the cannabis industry the same way he approaches making blockbuster hits and creating fine wine: refined.

The Grower’s Series is a limited collection that will come packaged in a replicated wine bottle. It will include a glass pipe, a matchbox, some rolling papers, and a gram of each flower. There will be three flower strains total, a “creative and uplifting“ sativa strain, an indica that can be used to help relax the mind and the body, and a hybrid for “enhanced mood and focus.” The cannabis will be organically grown and sold in California.

Coppola mentioned in a press release that when you are growing grapes, location matters and The Grower’s Series “reflects California’s agricultural expertise.”

With the Grower’s Series, Coppola’s legacy is surely going to continue to grow. With the amount of success that Coppola has enjoyed in making movies and wine, success is sure to follow in the cannabis industry as well.

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