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Israeli Startup Ships to California-Based Companies

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Seedo, a 2013 startup out of Haifa, Israel has officially delivered their first batch of cannabis product to California-based customers. They are also planning on expanding into the African market as well.

In support of their expansion, the company has recruited a former U.S. Assistant Secretary, of State for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer. Frazer is to be the company’s newest board member. Somewhat of a prominent figure in the African economy, Frazer is also a managing partner of Africa Exchange Holdings Ltd, an investment firm with interests in agriculture technology and companies. Frazer is also the President and CEO of 50 Ventures LLC, another investment firm with a sole focus on African companies.

Seedo specializes in the development of cannabis devices for home growing, specifically an automated device created for the purpose of taking seeds to flowers. The device is approximately the size of a mini-fridge and relies on computer technology to observe, analyze, and determine the needs of the seeds and flowers.

The company has claimed that their device can grow any crop, in any environment, even in non-arable areas which are affected by severe conditions such as lack of water, heavy pollution, and extreme weather.

According to the CEO of Seedo, Zohar Levy, the reason they’ve started with a focus on cannabis is purely due to their need to establish themselves in the global market and feel that cannabis is the best route for them to do so. The tactic is working. Seedo is now being traded over-the-counter in the United States.

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