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Legal Cannabis in the US Within Four Years? Representative Earl Blumenauer Thinks So

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The Democratic Representative from Oregon made an exciting prediction at Cultivation Classic last week. “If we do our job,” he said in reference to the battle to legalize marijuana, “it’s game over in two years.” Blumenauer has been an avid supporter for the legalization of marijuana for quite a while. He stated that the upcoming elections in 2018 could be vital to finally taking marijuana off of the Federal Schedule 1 narcotics list. Marijuana’s place on the Schedule 1 list has been debated for decades. Placed in the same category as drugs like meth and heroin, cannabis hardly seems to fit in.

Blumenauer would like to see Democrats control the House in 2019. He predicts that, should that happen, hearings on descheduling will take place. With more representatives coming around to cannabis legalization, Blumenauer has high hopes for the near future. Republican Representative John Boehner, for example, has always opposed cannabis, but recently changed his viewpoint and is now an investor in the cannabis industry. Blumenauer said there’s “a sea of change and it is within our grasp.” He’s hopeful that very soon after the elections, cannabis will be deregulated nationwide.

With more politicians joining his side, Blumenauer is hopeful, welcoming them with open arms:

“I don’t second-guess people’s motives if they’re willing to evolve, whether it’s for political expediency, whether it’s that they’ve seen the light, whether they’re fed up with the racial injustice seen in drug laws or if it’s a commercial opportunity.”

The legalization of marijuana nationwide will never be possible without the support of as many government officials as possible. The growing number of those converting to supporting cannabis is promising for the future of the industry. As more officials come around to the legalization, they’ll start a dialogue about the benefits of marijuana, showing citizens they have nothing to worry about with the legalization of cannabis.

With 29 states already on board with the legalization of marijuana, it’s hard not to agree with Blumenauer or at least see where he’s coming from. American citizens’ view on marijuana is changing, and government officials see the lucrative potential. Fewer people seeing a problem with the legalization of marijuana will lead to more states being interested in legalizing it. It will also help to increase the spread of accurate information about marijuana usage, its benefits, and its risks which will help to lower the stigma surrounding cannabis. With less of a stigma, more of those who can benefit medically from the drug will have access to it and the ability to gain information on it.

Blumenauer has always been an avid supporter of medical marijuana. He excitedly announced the likelihood of deregulation on the rise when he spoke at Cultivation Classic. His prediction of nationwide deregulation within four years is exciting and based on the country and the government officials’ increasing interest in the industry.

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