Lighting Up

Indoor cultivation takes a lot of energy from both the business owner and the power company. Grow lights use a lot of power, and cultivators are always on the lookout for cooler, less hungry, more efficient lamps. Many have turned to High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights for the maximum growing power. Many, but not all.

Kevin Biernacki is the head grower at the 50,000 square foot vertical grow site for The Grove Nevada in Las Vegas. Their vertical setup posed an issue. “We really needed a multi-tiered system that wouldn’t cook the roots above,” he said. Their answer? LEDs.

“It really came down to grams per watt,” he said. “Also, we liked that the company’s LED lights allow you to customize light recipes, which other people simply don’t have.” Heliospectra, the company in question, allows users to make light combinations that mimic the natural cycle of sun-rise, mid-day and sunset.

“The last three weeks of harvest we were able to push the light spectrum a little differently and speed up the harvest,” Biernacki said. They lopped a full week off the flowering period, resulting in a serious savings.

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