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Los Angeles Targeting Illegal Cannabis Operators with Lawsuits and Fines

The City of Los Angeles Attorney’s office has announced its plan to crack down on cannabis businesses which are operating illegally. They have already made an example of one South L.A. operator and many of its associates.

Legal cannabis businesses in the state will take notice of these actions, no doubt. Those being targeted by the crackdown, the illegally operating outfits, have been significantly impacting their profits.

The city is seeking an injunction against the unlicensed cannabis retailer, Kush Club 20. A lawsuit has been filed with the California Supreme Court in Las Angeles County.

Not only is the retailer unlicensed, but they advertise on Weedmaps, have allegedly sold tainted cannabis (containing paclobutrazol – a pesticide for treating golf courses which is banned from cannabis cultivation).

“Illegal cannabis businesses can pose serious threats to the public’s health and safety,” the attorney’s office stated in a news release. “Customers patronize illegal shops at their peril and undermine businesses who play by the rules.”

The attorney’s office is also suing the owner of the property that Kush Club 20 has been operating at as well as a real estate firm for their involvements in supporting the illegally operating Kush Club 20.

The suit will be the first to invoke a $20,000-per-day fine that was authorized by a cannabis ordinance, Measure M, approved by the voters of L.A. two years ago.

The United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) of Los Angeles fully supports the move by city officials.

“We are encouraged that the City Attorney has brought forward the City’s first civil and criminal cases against landlords and real-estate brokers,” the UCBA stated. “We expect these lawsuits will deter other illegal enterprises.”

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