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Oregon Considering Whether to Allow Cannabis Exports to Other States

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A new proposal is about to go before Oregon’s lawmakers regarding the export of marijuana. Oregon, already famous for its export of craft beer, fine wine, and hazelnuts, may become one of the first states to legalize the exportation of cannabis. Democratic Senator Floyd Prozanski of Oregon plans on reintroducing provisions from the Senate Bill 1042 which died in the house almost two years ago.

Adam Smith, the executive director and founder of The Craft Cannabis Alliance, has also been working hard behind the scenes with lawmakers in the state to get the proposal in front of the right officials by sometime in 2019. Their hopes are having Oregon legally ready to start exporting cannabis to other legal states as soon as 2021.

The timing of the proposal couldn’t be any better as far as many Oregon-based growers are concerned. Over the last couple of years the prices of cannabis in the state dropped drastically due to a higher supply than demand. Additionally, there is also the question of how much pot is being siphoned into the streets of states where cannabis is still illegal.

So far, the proposals indicate the desire by Oregon to move cannabis along interstates, which is a taboo subject within legislature as it opens doors for black market business.

However, according to the language of the current draft, as long as the Governor of Oregon has a signed agreement with the state which is to receive the shipments of cannabis, no laws would be broken federally or otherwise.

That said, there are of course those who oppose the idea, such as Kevin Sabet, head of the anti-cannabis group Smart Approaches to Marijuana. “I can’t imagine any state would agree to do this with Oregon,” Sabet said. “It looks like a desperate attempt to tackle the out of control black market production that has happened in Oregon since legalization. The state should be focusing on how to reduce overall demand and supply.”

Also, a Washington, D.C-based New Frontier Data think tank with a focus on cannabis thinks that Oregon’s idea of exporting pot to other states would either slow or stop the declining prices in the industry due to the lack of excess that would be created. The think tank went on to further state that exporting cannabis across state lines could also stimulate the market in other ways than just cost. For example, bringing quality, branding, and other important aspects into focus in the industry across the nation.

There are a few details that need to be hammered out for things to work in any sort of acceptable fashion. All exported cannabis would need to be acceptable regarding Oregon’s standard packaging, testing, and labeling rule. The exports would also be hit with a 17 percent tax for out-of-state transactions.

One last thing that lawmakers have to take into consideration is how to get around states that don’t agree with the plan. For now, there is no way to legally take cannabis through the states that decide to remain pot-free legally so we will wait to see what becomes of the Senator and The Craft Cannabis Alliance’s combined proposal.

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