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Seniors Now the Fastest-Growing Group of Cannabis Consumers

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Believe it or not, the older generation is the quickest growing group of marijuana consumers. As the long-lasting stigma against pot slowly fades away, the older crowd is coming to accept cannabis as a real alternative to the piles of prescription medicines many of them have been relying on. And why not? Once retired, many of these Americans are left with little to do and way too much time on their hands. It’s only natural that they have all the time in the world to experiment with the newly legal substance.

Oddly enough, this same age group’s parents were once the ones who spoke out against the herb and openly condemned those who partook in it. However, with the growing cannabis industry in America, those over 50 are seeking out this natural medicine by the droves.

Not only is the older generation the fastest-growing age group consuming cannabis, but they are also helping to normalize the “drug” in societies eyes. Keep in mind; we’re not talking about the baby-boomer generation, we’re talking about the generation of Peace, Love, and Woodstock. It should come as no surprise that this generation, who’s been around pot for decades, has become one of the biggest proponents of the movement.

Furthermore, the legalization of cannabis, in general, is doing more to dissolve the obsolete fear and judgment that has been associated with marijuana in the United States for what seems like forever.

Even though the American mentality about pot is changing, and rapidly at that, scientific research has yet to confirm much of what long-time cannabis consumers already know; that the herb helps relieve anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and many other issues. Also, states which have already legalized pot have seen a large drop (nearly 15% in some cases) in the number of prescriptions purchased by older folks. That said, regardless of where science stands, it’s plain to see where seniors stand – in line for a bag of weed and or a new vape pen.

For the cannabis industry, at large, this surge of interest from the older generation isn’t just inspiring, but it’s also seen as extremely lucrative for business. In response to their apparent and growing interest in marijuana, many cannabis companies are beginning to produce marijuana-based products similar to the medicines that seniors are comfortable and used to taking.

For example, salve infused with herbs and CBD as well as capsules containing extended-release components of THC, CBD, and more. That said, for those who haven’t seen a piece of bud in decades, the dispensaries of today’s cannabis industry are head-spinning. With everything up for grabs from cookies and candies to flowers, sprays, lotions, and then some.

Many dispensaries have picked up on the trend of older smokers and even offer senior discounts (who would have imagined?). What exactly the future holds, only time can tell, but for now, however, it appears that senior citizens and cannabis will continue to become much more acquainted.

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