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High-Intensity White Lights May Be Best For Cannabis Yields

cannabis plants under led lights

Growing common cannabis is being challenged by a new study conducted by Greenseal Cannabis Company. The researchers grew hundreds of cannabis plants, all under the same circumstances other than, of course, the type of lighting they were exposed to. According to the study, broad-spectrum, high-intensity white lights may go further in maximizing cannabis yields than even the beloved high-pressure sodium lights as well as the new wave horticultural based LEDs.

What researchers found during the course of their study is that a much more simple setup is not just more economical for growers, but it has the potential to produce greater harvests as well. The study also showed, to the surprise of the general cannabis cultivation community, that the white lights put off over double the amount of intensity of the powerful 1,060-watt high-pressure sodium lights that are so well loved by old school  and new school growers alike.

High-pressure sodium lights delivering 500 micromoles of intensity to plants resulted in slightly less than a 300-gram harvest, while LEDs delivering 1,500 micromoles of light to plants yielded nearly three times that amount of weight.

Also, the study revealed that for each extra micromole of light that reaches a plant, its yield is increased by no less than 410 milligrams. Furthermore, the researchers concluded that the yield of cannabis plants are more correctly driven by the amount of intensity delivered by lights. Whereas, up until now, it is a common belief that specialized spectrums were responsible for causing greater amounts of weight at harvest time.

To top it all off, these findings are indicative of the fact that the extra intensity of light more than pays for itself in the end, as power per kilowatt hour is just 11 cents and amounts to less than $0.05, while the extra 410 milligrams of harvest weight adds up to an average retail value of $2.32.

It is important to note that this study had an exclusive focus on final yields and did not even broach the subject of cannabinoid profile or overall potency. That said, it is very much possible that special lighting, such as ultraviolet, LED, and HPS may well raise the quality of the cannabis. However, there is zero evidence that such lighting has any impact whatsoever on the actual weight of the harvest yielded.

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