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THC Shown to Also Effectively Treat Epileptic Seizures

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CBD has long been thought of as the component of marijuana to have medicinal value and offer treatment for epilepsy. However, a new study suggests that THC can be instrumental in treating epilepsy too. The University of Sydney conducted a study wherein they took a closer look at the marijuana parents were using to treat severe epilepsy in their children, most of which was purchased from the black market. The researchers were able to determine that most of the strains contained low CBD and THC, rather than being free of THC, and still proved effective in treating epileptic seizures.

One of the authors of the study, Ian McGregor said:

“Although the illicit extracts we analyzed contained low doses of CBD, three in four were reported as ‘effective,’ indicating the importance of researching the cannabis plant in its entirety for the treatment of epilepsy.”

The cannabis extracts the children were using contained THC, but not enough to impair them. Despite the lower CBD and presence of THC, parents reported a 75%-100% reduction in seizures. 24% of the extracts were found to improve language skills in those children suffering from severe epilepsy, and 35% of the extracts were found to improve their cognition.

Dr. McGregor continued:

“Our research indicates there is a potential role for other cannabinoids, alone or in combination with conventional drugs in treatment-resistant epilepsy. And this warrants further investigation so we can hopefully develop safer and more effective medicines.”

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