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The FDA Asked for Our Opinions, but Will They Listen?

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The idea of legalization is a hot topic on a global scale. As important of a subject in the US, it is equally important across the globe. This is why The World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence will make cannabis a topic at a meeting being held in Geneva in December. They will be there to discuss the classifications of substances, but the conversation surrounding cannabis will be the one to watch. In anticipation of this meeting, the FDA has asked for the opinions and feedback from the people, and the response was overwhelming.

In the short time frame that was given, there were over 20,000 responses. Half of the comments were delivered by hand by NORML, which had a form on their site that enabled visitors to respond. The other 10,000 submissions were through the FDA’s site itself. Cannabis is currently categorized as a Schedule 1 drug, the most restrictive drug class. This classification affects international treaties, by making it difficult for member countries looking to legalize marijuana themselves.

Even with the classification being what it is, some countries are rethinking their stance and starting to see the positives that are associated with taking steps towards legalization. Canada last month was just the second country to legalize cannabis countrywide. As the UK welcomes marijuana for medicinal use, Germany is now taking a look at the possible benefits for medicinal purposes. Cannabis has been proven to be medicinal by research, based not only on science but also from actually seeing the results on patients from those going through chemotherapy, treatment for anxiety attacks, and arthritis.

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