Weed it and Reap

time for change

by Judy Guido

Change is inevitable—always has been, always will be. Successful companies don’t use change as an excuse for missing goals; rather, they see it as an opportunity to figure out creative ways to leverage it and use it to their advantage. So, this year, why not start out by encouraging and rewarding your entire team for embracing and leveraging change? Make change a part of your company culture, DNA and key performance metrics. Lead by example and share examples of the ways you’ve changed or are in the process of changing.

Here are some ideas that will create positive change and help grow your people and profits. Focus on connecting, building relationships and creating extraordinary experiences, and not just on the customer side. The real game-changers in business have figured out how to build a business ecosystem that ‘connects the dots’ with all of their key stakeholders. This means giving customers, employees, suppliers, financial partners, community, media and even local government a platform where their voices can be heard. For conservatives and the faint-of-heart, this may feel uncomfortable, but for game-changers it’s the fodder that will provide ideas, intelligence, and data that will help them create new revenue streams and differentiation, open new markets, reduce marketing costs, and attract talent while increasing valuation.

By building transparent communities, rich with educational content, where stakeholders can learn, provide input, share stories, experience your brand in a valuable and unique way, and easily connect (physically or virtually), you will create a bond of trust that cements the relationship, and stands the test of time—and competition! Happy New Year.

Editors Note: Judith M. Guido is chairwoman of Guido & Associates, a business management company. She can be reached at 818-800-0135 or jmguido@sbcglobal.net.

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